Little Missguided, FMP

This module gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills, knowledge and understanding developed in my preceding modules. It provided me with a measure of self-directed learning and an opportunity to begin to clarify my longer-term goals.  For my Final Major Project (FMP), I chose to create a collection for a brand, in which I chose MissGuided. I came up with the idea to design and create a children’s range (Little MissGuided) which is something that has not been done for MissGuided before. Using inspiration I took from my surroundings, social media, celebrities and Pinterest, I designed multiple collections, due to MissGuided being such a fast fashion brand, they release 50 new items on their website nearly everyday and replenish sold out items every 2 weeks. I also got the chance to put together my own campaigns which reflected the whole theme and vibe of what the brand is about.

Off White

This module required me to research and examine contexts and elements such as technology and how this has influenced developments within the fashion retail environment. The module enabled me to demonstrate their understanding of the consumer within a diverse range of markets and to present ideas, knowledge and understanding of how to reach and address the audience. Through the research I conducted, I used my knowledge and understanding of Off White’s brand identity and ethos to create a pop-up store for their Spring/Summer 2018 collection “Temperatures”. I created campaigns to promote the pop-up store whilst also applying them to social media enabling me to get through to the target customer.